The relationship between Harry Potter and Cho Chang.


Cho was the first girlfriend of Harry's in the book and film series. It is shown he has a big crush on her, as when he looked at her, Harry began blushing. At one point, Harry attempted to ask her out on a date. However, Cho, disappointed, told Harry someone else arleady asked her (Cedric Diggory). During the Yule Ball, Harry notices her and thinks she is very beautiful that night. They began dating in the beginning of The Order of the Phoenix, where Harry kisses Cho beneathe a mistletoe and thus starting their relationship. However, they break up because Harry initially believed she betrayed the DA for Umbridge. When it was revealed Cho revealed this information unwillingly by Severus shape, Harry looked remorseful for his treatment of her earlier. Like in the book, Harry and Cho remain friends rather than getting back together. Plus, breaking up with Cho makes Harry realize that she never stopped loving Cedric and that he loves Ginny afterwards.

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